Comparison and recommendation of Rolex's new and old movement

In the vast sky, mankind has created countless world show balanced beauty of architecture and technology, but also to create a life of endless saga. rolex replica uk ideas are coming from a moving place, the United States and the state of the art, life and the natural beauty of the light into one, with the world to witness the time! Time is a river of endless go forward with great strength and vigour, and only a careful, accurate timer, silent records under the vast rivers in every moment. The big Rolex, some people like the thoroughly tempered, accurate, some people love the strong, people enjoy the elegant...... Although not a reason, but one thing is absolutely certain, that each rolex replica watches are enough to reflect the wearer's unique personality, filled with its unique style! In Switzerland in various brands of Rolex watches tabulation time is not very long, only about a century, but it is in the watch industry overlord. Not only that, its stability is also very good, take it often sponsored tennis tournament for example, many athletes have the habit of wearing a watch to play, in fact, in this sport to watch the impact of a large arm, but due to the special design of Rolex shock absorbers, keep the shockproof table. Today to give you a brief introduction to the Rolex 3135, 3136 new and old two outstanding movement of the difference. Rolex become the watch industry in the most fundamental overlord, is to rely on the excellent quality, the annual output of 1 million level can still ensure the excellent quality of each table, this is not a brand can do. In the 11 models at present brand, log type II is the dress table representative, despite the launch until now only 5 years, but soon won the market, increase the size so that more people can live on. Overall, this replica watches uk is relatively gentle style, the overall design reflects the strong log II leisure elements. The 2010 launch of II type yacht Malibu, seems to be more classic yacht Malibu is somewhat marginalized. In fact, the key is the II type yacht Malibu timing module based on the increase in Malibu yacht size to 44 mM. But for the statement of love people prefer classic Rolex design elements, the yacht Malibu is undoubtedly an important option to ignore. The third pin amplification design of luminous with glass windows, and a classic oyster bezel, watchband, crown shape, are constantly emphasizing the eternal charm of the yacht malibu. Today to introduce the 3135 and 3136 movement, "actually is a movement, but 3136 is introduced in recent years. 3136 only in 116333, 116334 of the new DJ2 above, and increased the size, although only 2 mm, but the change is very huge. It also adopts the new parachrom gossamer gossamer blue, make the shock performance increase of 50%. Say so much is not 3136 completely exceeded 3135, but 3136 is the future trend of development, and 3135 is still the mainstream. Is not important for the uniqueness of Rolex watches in terms of movement, it is important for durability and stability. Don't let the movement become you to buy labor concerns, whether need, function is not appropriate, is the reason to start.