The origin of the Rolex oyster Watch

One hundred years ago, there was no dust or watch waterproof washer, which makes the watch very wet and easily into dust. Oyster case invention let Rolex in the industry leader, has almost become the representative image of the watch. Ahead of all competitors to become the overlord of the watch industry. Like many of the early watch factory, rolex replica uk is a special case from other manufacturing companies to buy the watch case. The first case is similar to the simple style of pocket swiss replica watches. They are made up of three separate components: the middle frame, the back cover, and the upper ring. These three parts are installed by the simple close. Rolex oyster shell This design is for the pocket watch has been used for more than and 200 years, and no matter what, but to watch this fashionable product had not suited". Watch watch is often times in the pocket, basically away from moisture and dust, but this problem has become the biggest watch in question, and then watch no dust or waterproof gasket, so makes the watch very easy to damp and dust enter. In October 30, 1925, in La Chaux de fonds, Peret and Paul Georges Perregaux, two had patented young German craftsmen invented a crown patent, patent number is 114948. They designed a sealing technology to prevent moisture into the case of the crown, the spring and the first screw pipe to substantially prevent moisture from the crown into the case. Hans aware of the importance of this patent, quickly negotiate with the patent owners, to persuade them to transfer the patent. Here said the "transfer" is actually sold. Less than a year, the original in the Swiss patent re apply in the UK, this is the use of the name of Hans, 260554 is the patent number, the patent is considered to be the first later, is the most primitive oyster patent. "Oyster" this name is Hans's own ideas, he is open when a cover of the inspiration of oyster in a night dinner. In July 29, 1926, he registered the name in Switzerland, a few months later in London also carried out the registration. In February 28, 1927, registered in 4 different languages by the name of Hans was divided into oyster, from French to Italian to German to Spanish, are: Huitre, Auster, Ostica and Ostra. This style model in the patent is this: the structure of four sets of the entire shell, the frame is eight sided, inside a screw barrel of a barrel, on the ring and the back cover are made by rotating the locking screw and the cylinder are connected, and then spin to die in the octagon outside the box, the two sealing rings of soft metal manufacturing to increase the tightness of the upper frame and the back, the crown is a small screw cylinder are connected by another and housing are locked and connected. Table two ear is the metal wire welding, used to install metal watchband. Sometimes it is difficult to use simple words to describe a country and nation, but we can use the most simple language to talk about Germany: rigorous and even can be said to be very rigid. The success of the German industry depends on the "rigorous" these two words. From Leica to Benz, embodies the rigorous style. In fact, whether the British nationality or lived in Switzerland, or married daughter-in-law or which country Ming joined what nationality, rolex replica watches founder Hans is a German hundred-percent, with which he has Lu strong will and rigorous approach to management of Rolex. This is to insist on a hundred years, the stick will shape the centennial, we can also learn from Hans presided over the development of oyster case experiences that adhere to "strict". Rolex start using oyster shell patent, in shell engraved on the serial number for future reference, at that time, most of the number engraved on the back, the case later changed carved on the table between the ears on the near and engraved on the outer dial on the inner ring. From 2010 onwards, Rolex will randomly format computer combination of letters and numbers with oyster case serial number, the folk called "junk", only the input number to query specific records in the factory network, depending on the year of production data query prefix folk days gone for ever. It is worth noting that the Tudor oyster oyster watch non Rolex style with the factory and are not applicable to this table.