Super popular Rolex Chronograph Watch

A story can tell you about the popularity of Cosmograph. A 25 year old young writers need to buy a GMT-Master, he ran into the local uk replica watches dealer shop, when need credit card, he paused and asked the clerk, "if I pay in cash, can have what discount?" The clerk replied: "no, sir, we are not here to celebrate Rolex discount, in addition to timing, if you buy time, can enjoy a 20% discount." Flag waving crowds, a car engine roar. This is in Europe in 1922, the car race is in full swing. Ultra low import tariffs, easy to operate the stock market to invest in the market to allow people to have a better mood and more leisure time. The well-dressed racing enthusiasts also brought a fanatical Watch: chronograph. The rolex replica uk when the watch industry popularity so surprised. The introduction of new technology is not only the demand for animals or the car race, but more professionals for the timing and accuracy of the constant demand. Product control personnel through the wrist Chronograph to calculate the product production time; even the photographer through the chronograph to calculate the exposure time and india. Rolex chronograph At that time, people with ordinary watch and chronograph together spent almost four or five years of development time. Finally a new watch, wrist watch. The clock is coupled with the motion timing function of ordinary watch, in addition to the original was the second, there is a special cumulative seconds, minutes, hours or even time with a needle. The clock and stopwatch special looks very similar, but in fact the two are different in essence: special stopwatch is by stopping the machine control timing to start and stop at the top of the wheel. This mechanism is completely unacceptable if used in watches, because the accuracy but also consider the travel time of the watch itself. Because the watch itself, the balance must be kept moving, don't stop. The first chronograph with cam and the control rod can be converted to let these two conflicting functions work together. swiss replica watches is not a pioneer - Ten Commandments watch, when they put on the above completely focused on oyster and automatic device. At the end of 1930s, because the Rolex oyster structure is located in the "sports watch" on the market, so Rolex decided to develop their own time sports watch. A chronograph is the most interesting of Rolex, is a mixture of many other elements of the "Zerograph" at the end of 1930s, the production of a few parts: its movement is 10 N 1/2 with a large central second kind, then with the simple more than and 10 additional time and surface parts a muster, then you can put on the market. This type of Ref.3462 chronograph watch is Rolex watch a milepost for the journey. Is the first block of oyster crown chronograph Rolex.