5 million 3-worth recommending the new table

In today's watch the number of million or even billion as a large number of units emerge, the real able to withstand scrutiny of the watch, very few, many brands are for the market and do the table, no watch the value of their own Attributes. Sell ​​the table to sell the diamond people hate but there is a market need, so people like the table slowly began to study the table, just look at those tables worth buying, here, there has been a new keyword, that is, "Worth buying", from a slightly rational point of view, I think "worth buying" is the universal value from the replica watches uk and matching process point of view, this table itself and the value of the transaction value is consistent, such as a carry The most common ETA 2824 movement of the table, the table itself and no other special decoration (gold, drilling, etc.), priced more than 1 million, it is basically a water. Buy a table has always been a troublesome thing, and to find those who really stand the scrutiny of the table, it is a headache, today, Xiaobian recommend several tables in this, although several of these are not necessarily super The value, but certainly value for money. This rolex replica Greenwich II116710BLNR watch, in the Basel Watch Fair with a stunning debut, into the people's vision which has left a lingering impression, deeply rooted in people's hearts. Rolex classic oyster case design, sparkling stainless steel dazzling metallic luster, a unique two-color ceramic bezel and bubble-type date display window, all this is so familiar, but with a new Attitude in our eyes, as we recast the classic. Function with, this table also has a very good performance, whether it is away from home, or home life, it can provide you with good help. The movement, not to mention, Rolex 3186 movement will be in time with the reality of the race to explain everything. Chopin brand stands altar table has been over a hundred years of history, with the homes of Schaefer settled, the brand gradually tilted to the jewelry table, of course, respected in the traditional process is not relaxed, so brought together the brand's most sophisticated tabulation process The formation of a series of LUC was born, you can not polite to say that if you want to select Chopin's male form, this series is preferred. 168500-3002 watch is a more common in a series, both from the external design or use of the movement, have revealed its close to the people positioning, simple, refined, not contrived to abandon all kinds of luxury decoration and materials, making It becomes more people can afford a good watch, equipped with a K gold mini automatic Tuo LUC 3.96 automatic movement, simple and faintly reveal the slightest aristocratic atmosphere, and this movement is also in the performance comparison Outstanding, though, and high-end movement than there will be a lot of gaps, but relative to the price of the table, equipped with such a movement enough to exceed the majority of automatic mechanical watch. In this year's (2013) Basel table show, many brands have flaunted their masterpiece: Amy's mysterious second hand, Jaeger-LeCoultre spherical tourbillon, Patek Philippe's eight chain Gondolo, Girard Perregaux constant power escapement, Po Perot's Caruso tourbillon, etc., in such a fierce competition, Glashütte seems a little less attention, its low-key is notoriously, in the previous table show, it has never been absent, but are low-key The attitude of the interpretation of the wonderful content in the heart. Glashütte 1-39-52-06-02-04 watch in this year's watch show is not big red and purple, but the theme of midnight faint, warm in the table after the cooling, it is worth a small aftertaste, cast away impetuous Appearance, return to the essence of the sixties, the internal movement of the brand-made 39-52 movement, will be reflected in the most exquisite time. From the public point of view, replica watches has always been a high proportion of the value, it has been able to become the altar table altar, by its historical side, but also has its strength side. The introduction of this Rolex, if the cast aside two-color ceramic, accompanied by ordinary black ceramic, then its value will decline though, but it is not much down, because its value has reached this level, from 116710LN The market price will know. In addition, the Rolex of this table in terms of appearance components or movement, are very excellent, which is from the external details, lines, feel, wear, visual and so can feel the movement from the lowest repair rate of the market reaction It is sufficient to explain its excellence. Chopin's this table is a steel table, no special decoration, so pure steel can be sold to this price, mainly because of its movement is based on the Chopin movement is very prominent in a brand, Chopard 1.96 machine Core in the industry has a good reputation, even the special demolition play movement table friends, but also its praise, and this watch is equipped with 1.96 movement of the People First Edition 3.96, but the version of the road and structure Is consistent, but the use of some of the more low-end point of the structure, and there is no Geneva mark, so its value is not high, but its price is not high. 5 million to buy a table with a Geneva mark movement, second-hand market may have. Glashütte this table is the new table this year, because it has excellent craft, and the use of self-produced movement, so it has been the table price is not low, of course, the quality is also good, this section watch, Steel plus crocodile leather strap, movement it is not the top, also Glashütte the general level of the brand, so the overall price is not too exaggerated. Overall, this table in this price should be tenable, and in fact there is no value of a table is full, there will be some added value, so the price will be high, which requires the table Friends of you Their own judgment.